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JAM (Jesus and Me)

Pool Party VBS-JAM  Jesus And Me (JAM) 5-12th grade Youth Games, Music, Fun and Learning for teens and preteens 6-7:30  PM Supper for everyone at 5:30-6 PM See Karen Shannon for more information Call 386-4411 to register

Vacation Bible School

Pool Party VBS-JAM  Vacation Bible School July 25-27 4-5:30 PM Fun and learning for K-4th graders Karen Shannon, Contact Person Register at 386-4411 Supper for everyone at 5:30-6 PM

Pool Party

Pool Party VBS-JAM July 24 at 8-10 pm Families please bring your kids for fun! Chautauqua Park  

Mission U

Come Soar with Us as we look at questions like these: Quality of Water in your Community? Immigration Policy and Local Businesses? Transgender Restrooms in Schools? The Mission u summer and fall events are wonderful opportunities to study current issues impacting society.  Mission u was formerly called School of Christian Mission. 2016 Mission u Dates…

GaGa Ball Pit

Webb House now has a GaGa ball Pit. Kids of all ages love it! It is dodge ball inside an octagon!


Pentecost is the birthday of the Christian Church. See Acts 2.

Peace with Justice Sunday

Sunday May 22 is Peace with Justice Sunday. We will receive a special offering. For further informtion see