Praying Our Way Forward

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Commission on a Way Forward

We have scheduled Fall 2018 Commission on a Way Forward gatherings on each district this fall. Mark your calendars for the upcoming dates:

We strongly encourage all clergy and laity to attend one of the eight meetings. I, along with our lay and clergy delegates to the called 2019 General Conference in St. Louis in February 2019, will be present at each 90-minute gathering. You can access information on the three proposals here.

Bishop Laurie Haller, Iowa Conference of the United Methodist Church

The discussion of human sexuality is called Finding Our Way Forward and it is being led by a commission which was established at the General Conference of the United Methodist Church in 2016.  Their work will take several years.  As they carry out their work they have asked that United Methodists blanket their efforts with prayer.  Every conference worldwide is dedicating itself to a week of prayer.

The United Methodist Church is now engaged in a world-wide discussion about our understanding of human sexuality.  More than 12 million United Methodists in a 120 countries speaking dozens and dozens of languages all coming together to discuss one topic.  Their views on human sexuality vary.  Their reading of scripture varies.  Their cultural backgrounds vary.  Their countries and the laws and customs of their countries vary.  Their approach to controversy varies.  Seems like an overwhelming task, except for one thing: 12 million Methodists pray.

We will be Praying Our Way Forward. – See more at: