Banyam Theological Seminary Scholarship

Advance #10318B

#10318B – Providing students with scholarships to cover food, travel, fees and education

Annual Goal:$21,000.00
YTD Gifts:$702.26
Location: Nigeria Africa
Partner:The UMC, Nigeria Annual Conference


Until the Banyam Theological Seminary was established in 1989, for many years Nigeria had been struggling with the need for theological training. Most of the ministerial students had to be sent outside the country or to other denominations for theological education.

Goals & Objectives

(1) Provide students with a scholarship that provides for training. (2) Provide salary support for the teachers. (3) Provide learning materials. (4) Extend the message of love and sharing in the grace of God to enhance the growth of the church. (5) Encourage students to contribute to their education to avoid dependency. (6) To liaise with government agencies of education to bring about improvement.

Activities Plan

(1) Provide scholarships for students. (2) Purchase school supplies and books for enhanced learning. (3) Assist the staff with salaries.


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