Dec 8 Schedule

9:30-10:20 pm Christmas Coffee sponsored by UMW
10:20-10:40 pm Handbell Concert in Sanctuary
10:30 Worship, Advent Hope
3:00 pm Habitat for Humanity Nativity Festival, Nativity Display in Narthex
4:00 pm Community Concert in Sanctuary
5:15 pm Soup Supper and Pie Auction

Successful Halloween Dance

Over 100 teens and 10 chaperons made the Halloween Dance and Party a success at the Webb House. Many thanks to Jim and Karen North who support the teens of our county. Thank you to all the churches and groups who donate pop, make homemade cookies and send donations to support the Webb House.

Webb House Water Park

Water Slide, water guns, water balloons, small pools and lots of laughter were seen/heard at Webb House on the parking lot on August 9 from 1-9 pm. Groups came from all over town! Day cares were invited, children and teens were invited. Supper was hamburgers and hot dogs for the teens. Thank you to the…

“While We Wait” Advent Study

Advent Study in Fireside Room in December. WHILE WE WAIT examines the questions that biblical characters and we share that come to mind during Advent. Everyone welcome to this 5 week study.


Celebrating the baptism of babies is an important ritual in the faith life of a family. The church family agrees to help the family rear the child to be a Christian. Call 386-4411 if you are interested in baptism.

Alice Walters 100 Bday

On August 14, 2-4 pm at the Court House, the community will celebrate Alice Walters’ 100th birthday. Sponsored by her family. Everyone welcome. Alice is a daily volunteer at the First United Methodist Church.

JAM (Jesus and Me)

Pool Party VBS-JAM  Jesus And Me (JAM) 5-12th grade Youth Games, Music, Fun and Learning for teens and preteens 6-7:30  PM Supper for everyone at 5:30-6 PM See Karen Shannon for more information Call 386-4411 to register

Vacation Bible School

Pool Party VBS-JAM  Vacation Bible School July 25-27 4-5:30 PM Fun and learning for K-4th graders Karen Shannon, Contact Person Register at 386-4411 Supper for everyone at 5:30-6 PM

Pool Party

Pool Party VBS-JAM July 24 at 8-10 pm Families please bring your kids for fun! Chautauqua Park